Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Tip for Today

I just wanted to share a tip with you.

A few months ago I picked up some Bead Caps in a Sale.  I don't "do" beading, but they were such a bargain I was tempted!

The other day I was having a sort out of my stash, as you do, and came across them again!

I thought "I MUST be able to do something with them!"

This picture is similar to the ones I have .....

Then, for some reason, I pushed it down in the middle and it easily opened up and left me with a perfect light weight small round flower shape!  Perfect for any paper crafting project!

There are so many colours, shapes and designs of Bead Caps out there.  I know I shall be looking out for some more!

I haven't used one yet, but I WILL !


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