Monday, 23 March 2015

Bird Box Money Boxes

I bought these Bird Box Money Boxes last September at my Local Craft Show.

Finally I have got round to decorating them!

They are made from MDF and are a really good quality.  Unfortunately the chap who was selling them didn't have a Web Site :( So if I want any more I shall have to wait till this September! AND hope that he will be there!

As you can see, I painted and sanded them first ......

The plastic stopper at the bottom is really good quality too .....

The first Money Box I covered with Graphic45 Bohemian Bazaar Collection - so retro .....

The second Box I covered and embellished in the Mother Goose Collection from Graphic45 .....

It's not easy to see, but I dapped some glitter glue on to some of the embellishments.

I have one of these Money Boxes left, so hopefully, tomorrow, I will be covering one using Botanical Tea Collection from Graphic45.

Thank you for reading my Blog .....

Happy Crafting!!

Michelle X


  1. I love the bohemian bird house...that is such a beautiful paper, the colors and details are so vibrant.


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