Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Gift/Memory Box Graphic45 Bird Song

Well I have to admit Ladies and Gentlemen, this Box was a CHALLENGE!!!

You know when you just get that mental block and whatever you try on your project doesn't look right??

This Box was one of those!!

I hazard a guess of about 15 hours to create the look on this - 15 HOURS!

On a number of occassions it was almost slung to the back of the cupboard never to be seen again.
The language coming out of my mouth wasn't pleasant at times (hang my head in shame) and everyone seemed to be giving me a wide birth - can't say I blame them!

But I was absolutely determined it wouldn't beat me.

I am quite happy with the end result, although I still think it isn't quite right.

Happy Crafting !!

Michelle X


  1. Dear Michelle, this is absolutely wonderful and I think 15 hours is nothing for a wonderful project like this. (I can take days over the simplest card these days that is how slow I go!) Love, Vee xx


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