Monday, 8 June 2015

Steampunk Typist!

I visited a Car Boot Sale a couple of weeks ago and couldn't believe my eyes when I came across this

My love and fascination of Steampunk and all things mechanical got the better of me and I HAD to buy it ;)

It needed a bit of a clean and it isn't in perfect condition, but neither would we be if we were 90 years old!

Yep, 90 years old!  I did a bit of research and this particular machine is a 1925 Underwood Manual Typewriter made in America and shipped around the World at that time.  

Apparently Olivetti took over the Company in 1960.

But the Underwood Manual Typewriters started being manufactured in 1888 as far as I can tell.
There is a list of Patents on the back of the Machine would you believe!

Each one also had a Serial No.

As I was cleaning it, not only did it bring back memories of when I was first a Clerk Typist in the 70's *and I was quite surprised that I remembered what most of the buttons did, even down to pressing the button for the Red or Black Ribbon for Typing :)* but the mechanics of this machine is just so steampunk.  

The picture below shows you a Cog with a little handle on, this turns the Ribbon round on the top!  

I really don't know what I am going to do with it now?

If someone had the time, this could quite easily be a working Typewriter again!

The Keys are in perfect condition and do still type!

Shall I keep it?  Shall I sell it?

We shall see:)

A couple more pictures below.

  I hope you have enjoyed this little journey in to the past with me and can remember not only when we used to maintain our own Machines that we typed with, but also our Cars, Washing Machines, the list goes on ...........

They were the days!!!


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