Monday, 8 June 2015

Steampunk Typist!

I visited a Car Boot Sale a couple of weeks ago and couldn't believe my eyes when I came across this

My love and fascination of Steampunk and all things mechanical got the better of me and I HAD to buy it ;)

It needed a bit of a clean and it isn't in perfect condition, but neither would we be if we were 90 years old!

Yep, 90 years old!  I did a bit of research and this particular machine is a 1925 Underwood Manual Typewriter made in America and shipped around the World at that time.  

Apparently Olivetti took over the Company in 1960.

But the Underwood Manual Typewriters started being manufactured in 1888 as far as I can tell.
There is a list of Patents on the back of the Machine would you believe!

Each one also had a Serial No.

As I was cleaning it, not only did it bring back memories of when I was first a Clerk Typist in the 70's *and I was quite surprised that I remembered what most of the buttons did, even down to pressing the button for the Red or Black Ribbon for Typing :)* but the mechanics of this machine is just so steampunk.  

The picture below shows you a Cog with a little handle on, this turns the Ribbon round on the top!  

I really don't know what I am going to do with it now?

If someone had the time, this could quite easily be a working Typewriter again!

The Keys are in perfect condition and do still type!

Shall I keep it?  Shall I sell it?

We shall see:)

A couple more pictures below.

  I hope you have enjoyed this little journey in to the past with me and can remember not only when we used to maintain our own Machines that we typed with, but also our Cars, Washing Machines, the list goes on ...........

They were the days!!!


Saturday, 30 May 2015


Sorry I have abandoned you for the time being Blog!

But as it says in my Title .....

When I Have Had TIME To Create!!

Haven't had much of that just lately!

But I will be back soon:)


Friday, 17 April 2015


I have been making this Tray over the last couple of days.

It's fairly small - 21.5cm x 17cm and is Chipboard.

This is how it looked before .....

I didn't bother to paint it first because I wanted it to look a little bit rustic.

I have used Graphic45 Sweet Sentiment Collection again.

I made the Bow using Sizzix Bigz Die Ribbon 3D
The reference number for this Die is 658978

I don't use this Die often enough, it's so easy to assemble the Bow and it gives a lovely 3D effect on your Projects.

The Flowers are from Petaloo and the Glitter effect is from using Glitter Glue from the Tim Holtz range.

Please be careful when using some Glitter Glues! Some of the cheaper ones have so much water in them they wreck your Project :(

Happy Crafting Day everyone!

Michelle X

Thursday, 16 April 2015

New Job/New Makes

Well it was up with the Lark this morning!

My youngest Son started his new job as a Lifeguard today, consequently we were both up at 5am!
He is on early Shift today, he had to be there by 6.15am!

At least I can get all my chores done and make an early start on making :)

I thought I would show you my making space! 

It's quite small, but I can overflow on to the floor and my bed!

I have had this Desk for about 25 years, it's been a VERY good work horse!

As you can see, I have a few new Projects lined up!

I have managed to make some Wall Plaques this week.

One is a commission for a Wedding Plaque so I can't show you that one yet.

These have all been made using Graphic45 Sweet Sentiments Collection and the Flowers are all from Petaloo.

I think I managed to catch the light so you can see the Glossy Accents.  
I love Glossy Accents!  You can use it for so much.

The base is a hard chipboard.

Thank you for dropping by .....

Happy Crafting!!

Michelle X

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Gift/Memory Box Graphic45 Bird Song

Well I have to admit Ladies and Gentlemen, this Box was a CHALLENGE!!!

You know when you just get that mental block and whatever you try on your project doesn't look right??

This Box was one of those!!

I hazard a guess of about 15 hours to create the look on this - 15 HOURS!

On a number of occassions it was almost slung to the back of the cupboard never to be seen again.
The language coming out of my mouth wasn't pleasant at times (hang my head in shame) and everyone seemed to be giving me a wide birth - can't say I blame them!

But I was absolutely determined it wouldn't beat me.

I am quite happy with the end result, although I still think it isn't quite right.

Happy Crafting !!

Michelle X

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Gift/Memory Box G45 Come Away With Me

This is the same shape box as in my last Post, but this time I have covered and embellished it with Graphic 45 Come Away With Me Collection.

It's the first time I have used this Collection and can't wait to use it again!

I used a Glue Stick to stick the papers on with and have used some Foam Pads to raise some of the elements on my fussy cutting .....

If you would like to see all my makes, please click on the Gallery Tab above where you can see them all together.

Happy Crafting !!!

Michelle X

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Gift / Memory Box - Graphic45

I had Time to Cre8 today!!

I have been dying to use Graphic45 Steampunk Spells Collection again.  I haven't used it since last year and I just love it.

I know it's not to everyones taste, but there is so much you can do with this Collection.

I have used a MDF Box for the base and painted it with Acrylic Paints.

I normally give it 2 coats, you will have to sand it down after painting it, it gives you a nice smooth surface to work on.

I don't bother sanding between the 2 coats, it comes out just as well sanding after the 2nd coat.

I use a glue stick to stick the papers on, they stick really well and right up to the edge, so no lifting edges!

Hope you like .....

Happy Crafting !!

Michelle X

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Domestic Goddess today!

Unfortunately today I had to do my Domestic Goddess bit!

You know, the normal, washing, ironing, shopping, hoovering, cleaning kitchen floor etc., etc. So NO crafting for me today :(

But I did manage to take a picture of the Money Box I finished yesterday!

I am hoping to get some crafting done tomorrow though!

This Money Box is covered and embellished with Graphic45 Botanical Tea Collection.

I did alot of fussy cutting with this one and really enjoyed it!  It's so relaxing .....

Happy Crafting !!!

Michelle X 

Monday, 23 March 2015

Bird Box Money Boxes

I bought these Bird Box Money Boxes last September at my Local Craft Show.

Finally I have got round to decorating them!

They are made from MDF and are a really good quality.  Unfortunately the chap who was selling them didn't have a Web Site :( So if I want any more I shall have to wait till this September! AND hope that he will be there!

As you can see, I painted and sanded them first ......

The plastic stopper at the bottom is really good quality too .....

The first Money Box I covered with Graphic45 Bohemian Bazaar Collection - so retro .....

The second Box I covered and embellished in the Mother Goose Collection from Graphic45 .....

It's not easy to see, but I dapped some glitter glue on to some of the embellishments.

I have one of these Money Boxes left, so hopefully, tomorrow, I will be covering one using Botanical Tea Collection from Graphic45.

Thank you for reading my Blog .....

Happy Crafting!!

Michelle X